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Loaded Magazines Are An Important Asset... Protect Them

In an emergency, how will you find yours?

Like This...

Or Like This???

MAG BAGS for your Loaded Magazines!

Protect your Expensive Loaded Magazines from Damage… Don't Let the Elements Compromise Your Future

Let us help you prepare for NO SURPRISES.

You spend lots of $$$ for useless stuff to hang on your rifle but don't think to protect its most important part!

What are you going to do with your $3000 rifle when the mags don't function?



Lay out the MAG BAGS and Desiccant


Place the loaded magazine inside the 4 mil Plastic Bag with the Desiccant positioned on top of the Magazine. Then zip it closed.


Standard Size Fits Metal...

  • 30 round AR15 / M16

Medium Size Fits Metal & Plastic...

  • 20 round M1A / M-14 mags.
  • 20 round SCAR 17 mags.
  • 20 round H&K 91 mags.
  • 20 round FAL mags.

Large Size Fits Plastic...

  • 30 round AR15 / M-16 mags.

Each Kit comes with:
50 - 4 mil Zip Lock Plastic Bags
50 - Desiccant Bags

(To order extra desiccant for the Mag Bags...  CLICK HERE)

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