RepackBox 100 box bundle for 380 ACP ammunition
GO REPACKBOX® 100 BOX BUNDLE - Military Cardboard 380 ACP Ammo Box
Box folding instructions
GO REPACKBOX® 100 BOX BUNDLE - Military Cardboard 380 ACP Ammo Box
Ammo can loading instructions

GO REPACKBOX® 100 BOX BUNDLE - Military Cardboard 380 ACP Ammo Box

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  • Best “Low Cost” Quality Option for Organizing Your Ammo.
  • Made of Strong, Acid-Free Card Stock using SAAMI Specs.
  • Boxes are Marked for the Caliber and Quantity Inside.
  • Proudly Made in the United States of America.
  • 17 Other Pistol & Rifle Calibers Boxes Available.

We Make Packaging Ammo Easy…

With our NATO Approved, Easy to Fold-Up and Fill Ammo Boxes, using our Proprietary, Re-Useable Fast Loader Tray, in Under 30 Seconds you can have your loose ammo Professionally Packed and Ready to Go.

No Longer will you need to pay a premium price for oversized boxes with throw-away plastic or styrofoam trays.

Our Boxes Pack Ammo Tight so you can store up to 40% more in an expensive .50 Cal Ammo Can versus ammo boxes with their unnecessary trays.

The Ammo Boxes are Preprinted with the Caliber & Quantity Inside and an Industry Standard User Warning.

When ordering a 30 BOX KIT or 100 BOX BUNDLE, for your use, we provide a sheet of Blank Labels (Avery 5167 Template), which can be printed with specific info such as bullet weight, primer, powder, and date of loading.

Also included with your order of a 30 BOX KIT or 100 BOX BUNDLE is a pair of White Cotton Gloves to keep the ammo fingerprint and oil free while it’s being packaged.

See how easy it is to use our Ammo Boxes! Be sure to Watch the “How It Works” Video shown in this listing… it’s only two minutes… no audio.


Cartridges go both into the Boxes and optional Fast Loader Tray either Base Up or Alternately Base Up Base Down. Check the printed instructions included with your order.

Since our Fast Loader Tray is Re-Useable, Only One is Needed. Therefore, it is Not Automatically Included with Box Purchases and Must Be Ordered Separately. Most all calibers available; see our listings.

Orange Dummy Ammunition shown in the pictures is for Illustrative Purposes Only. It’s Neither Offered for Sale nor Included with your purchase.

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