CENTER MASS Training Target - 20" X 34"
CENTER MASS Training Target - 20" X 34"
CENTER MASS Training Target - 20" X 34"

CENTER MASS Training Target - 20" X 34"

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Used by serious pistol and rifle shooters who understand the importance of shot placement. Unlike other targets, it's correctly sized and printed on heavy 67lb paper. Use it all day by simply re-taping previous hits.

When it comes to acting in Self Defense because of an immediate threat of death or bodily harm, there are eight words that should automatically come to mind...


No one can anticipate the exact parameters of a potential inter-personal conflict, so you'd better be prepared. It's well known, that in such a situation, one will default to their level of training.

Keep this in mind - that not every bad person intending you harm will look like a black circle, a bowling pin, zombie, or a figure holding a knife or gun. If every time you practice self defense shooting it's with a black X ring, when the time comes - will you be looking for the same somewhere on the attacker? What if it's not there... will you hesitate?

Our target is a True Training Target which is anatomically shaped and has a color & pattern which encourages front sight placement in Center Mass. At the same time, it discourages trying to locate shot placement during firing. If your Front Sight is in the right place and you Press the Trigger, the hits will be where they need to be.

As with ours, a great feature of any true training target is the ability to use it for several rounds of fire without changing the paper. After shooting a round, when the range is "COLD", all you need do is survey the target, check your hits, decide the correction, and tape it up for the next round... what a money saver!

The target is made of quality, heavy weight 67lb paper which can survive multiple hits with pistol or rifle projectiles without tearing apart like cheap targets. It comes with a roll of quality, color neutral, cover up tape.

As an added bonus, the back side of the target is designed to be used for sighting-in your firearm. The two bottom shapes assist in locating the hit position from point of aim so accurate sight or scope adjustments can be made. The two upper targets are sized for 200 yard shooting when only 100 yards is available.

We offer several ways of purchasing our Center Mass Training Target... in Pre-Packs of 33, Pre-Packs of 53, and for those who want to just check it out, 3 Samples.

  • Designed to Promote Proper Shot Placement.
  • Printed on Quality 67lb Heavyweight Paper.
  • Has Sight-In Targets on the Back.
  • You Can Shoot, Tape, and Re-use.
  • Proudly Made in the USA - Patent Pending.
  • Tape Not Included with Purchase of 3 Targets.



1) Samples are sent folded in a heavy card stock envelope and do not come with tape.

2) Not suitable for use with shotgun pellets less than 000 in size.

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