RepackBox 100 box bundle for 303 British ammunition
100 Box Bundle: 303 BRITISH
Folding instructions for box
Ammo can loading instructions
100 Box Bundle: 303 BRITISH

100 Box Bundle: 303 BRITISH

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Military Cardboard 303 BRITISH Ammo Box Holds 20 Rounds - PACKS 2000

303 Military Style Fold-up Ammunition Box Holds 20 Rounds. Convenient & Compact, this is the best “Low Cost” option for Consolidating your Ammo.

Made of .24 point, Acid-Free Card Stock using SAAMI Specs. You get a BUNDLE of 100 fold-up ammo boxes, which are marked for the caliber inside. Included with each bundle are Blank Labels (Avery 5167), which can be printed with specific info such as bullet weight, primer, powder, and date of loading. ALSO INCLUDED… a pair of White Cotton Gloves to protect the ammo while it’s being placed in the box.


NOTE: Orange Safety Ammunition shown in pictures is for illustration purposes only... not for sale or included with your purchase.

  • REPACKBOX Saves Ammo Storage Space & Has a Low Cost Per Unit.
  • Perfect Ammunition Boxes for Reloading.
  • 24 Boxes (480 Rounds) fit a .50 Caliber Ammo Can - See Image.
  • Proudly Made in the USA - Other Calibers In Stock.
  • Fast Loading Tray Available (Sold Separately).

Download PDF Ammo Box Folding Instructions for 303 British ammo.

Download PDF Ammo Can Loading Instructions for 303 British ammo.

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