Stored Food Re-Pack Kit

Stored Food Re-Pack Kit for 24 #10 Cans

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Long Term Storage Food (Mountain House, etc) is an Important and Very Expensive Asset... Protect IT

Don't find out 10 years from now, that a wet basement or poor storage conditions have rendered it inedible. Use our Stored Food Re-Pack Kits to keep it dry, secure, and ready when you need it.

NOTE: Food cans shown in pictures are for illustration purposes only... not for sale or included with your purchase.

  • Expensive Freeze Dried Survival Food is good for up to 35 years, but not if you don’t protect it from moisture.
  • Humidity in your basement may cause the factory steel #10 cans to rust through when stored in the original shipping carton.
  • When an emergency arises, will you find that the food inside the cans is unfit for consumption because of improper storage.
  • Our Re-Pack Kits will protect your Freeze Dried Survival Food Cans for less than $.10 per can per year.
  • Re-packs 24 #10 cans... one gallon size.

Do you want this...

rusty #10 can

Or this???

#10 food can wrapped

Let us help protect your investment...



Protect your food by wrapping your #10 food can, with the desiccant, using the plastic bag and bag tie provided. Use the label area on the carton to show the contents of the can.

Food Storage Can with carton


Place one can in each of the single-can cartons and seal with the tape provided.

#10 can in storage carton


Place four, sealed single-can cartons in one of the large cartons provided.

Carton for 4 #10 cans


Seal the large carton and label the contents.

Large food storage carton

The Re-Pack Kit includes:

  • 6 - 250# Test Corrugated Outer Cartons
  • 24 - 250# Test Corrugated Inner Can Cartons
  • 24 - 4 mil Plastic Bags
  • 24 - Desiccant
  • 24 - Nylon Bag Ties
  • 1 - Dispenser Roll 3M High Performance Carton tape
  • 1 - Permanent Sharpie Black Marker

When selecting quantity, be sure to use drop down menu for volume discounts.

Download PDF Instructions on How to Pack Storage Foods.

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