Beretta Storm CX4 Rifle Ghost Ring Sight Conversion Kit

This is a new, bolder, replacement front sight and ghost ring conversion tool for all calibers of the Beretta CX4 Storm Carbine.

Unlike the factory rear sight which has a tiny aperture and the front sight which is stepped and sometimes difficult to pick up, this one has a larger, single diameter which can easily been seen in all types of light.

It's precision made of 4140 Alloy Steel and has a parkerized finish. For reference, the sight on the left is a factory sight... the sight on the right is the one you'll receive

Included in the kit are a new front sight, and a special drill bit for opening up the rear sight to the proper "Ghost Ring” diameter.

Installation of the new front sight is easily performed by using the factory front sight tool… remove the old and install the new. 

To open up the rear sight, all that’s needed is an electric drill and minimal experience. The special drill bit is self centering and the procedure is almost fool proof. The rear sight does not need to be removed.

Installation instructions are included.